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Pagosa Springs RE Market- Direct reflection of the S&P 500

A friend sent me this graph yesterday. It tracks the real estate sales activity in Pagosa Springs compared against the S&P index. It is not rocket science but it gives the indication that market activity is directly tied to stock market confidence here in Pagosa Springs. This makes even more since considering we are primarily a second home driven market. I thought it looked interesting when you look at it using the graph.

Pagosa Market_S&P

Pagosa Springs Real Estate market compared with the S&P 500


5 years of sales history for vacant land in Pagosa Springs

A picture is worth a thousand words…

History of vacant land sales in Pagosa Springs Colorado from 2003 to 2008 catogorized by parcel size.

History of vacant land sales in Pagosa Springs Colorado from 2003 to 2008 catogorized by parcel size.

Real estate markets improving…or just waiting for another waive of terror?

Good news for the housing industry today – even though the U.S. Commerce Dept. reports a fractional 0.6 percent drop in March new home sales compared to February.

The good news in the Commerce Dept.’s report is that the number of unsold new homes is going down – a sign, some analysts say, that the housing market is stabilizing, or trying to get back to normal.

The inventory of new homes in March shrank to 311,000 from 328,000 in February.  The 328,000 number means there are 10.7 months’ worth of new homes for sale still on the market.  In February, there was 11.2 months’ worth of unsold inventory.

The monthly change in inventories was 5.2 percent, the largest decline in more than …Read the full article (by Alex Finkelstien)

Full Moon ski in Pagosa Springs

Here is a video compilation of the February Full Moon Ski and fun races at The Ranch Community this past weekend. I did not make it, but I am going to be sure and sign up for the next one! If you want to be informed of future events like this give me your email and I will put you on the Pagosa Springs Facebook Page so that you can get community updates. (The video gets good at min 2.5)


Four Mile Road

My Friend D.West Davies posted this pic on his Facebook accout this morning. I thought it was too beautiful not to share. This scene is found just a few miles north of town on the way to the Four Mile Falls trail head. Just another reason that I live where I live! Thanks West!

old barracks up Four Mile Road

old barracks up Four Mile Road

You can see more of West’s photography work at this link

How old do you have to be to live in Pagosa?

 San Jauns in the Spring

 “Great Retirement Spots” is the name of an article that I had forwarded to me by 4 of my friends this morning when I opened my Gmail.

 It is a surprisingly accurate and in my opinion, well written short article, about the many virtues of our Pagosa Springs lifestyle. It explains in the article that 36% of the folks that call Pagosa home are over the age of 45. I am not over the age of 45, and many times I hear the younger generations talk about this. From a personal standpoint, I want to submit, that while I know those numbers to be true, the lifestyle in and around Pagosa does not necessarily directly reflect that. What I mean is that if you are younger than this statistic reports, there are plenty of like-minded peers to connect with.

To see what I mean, check out the  Pagosa Springs FaceBook page  and become a fan to get updates on area happenings.

In this article, I resonate the most with the author’s line- “The ambiance is an interesting mix of laid back mountain funkiness, conservatism and a hint of exclusivity.”


Pagosa RE Investment Deal-Of-The-Week 253 Wilderness Dr

In response to the comment I get 20 times a week…”Chris, let me know if a screaming deal comes along…” I am going to attempt to post what I feel is one of the better  real estate investment opportunities every week here on Peak Buzz.

253 Wilderness Street Pagosa Springs Colorado

Asking Price$165,000  now $144,900253-wilderness

MLS#- 616544


Bedrooms– 4

Bathrooms– 2

Year Built– 1997

Subdivision– Lake Forest Estates

Garage– 1 car

 Here is my opinion on this home-


It sits in a good location of Lake Forest Estates just a short jaunt to the grocery and shopping, so on the location for re-sale I give it an 8.5. The listing agent has it in the MLS for 1095 square feet which would make it about $132 dollars a square ft which is only a good price in this market for this caliber of home. After showing it to some customers a few weeks ago this number of 1095 did not sit very well with me, I felt it was much bigger. After talking to the county folks they tell me it is almost 1300 square feet. (1268 to be exact). This puts the price per square at around $114…I like that much better. I give the price a rating of 9 right now.


  The home needs some updating so for condition I give it a 7. The layout of the 4 bedroom design does not work well, however remove one wall and expand your living, then update your kitchen and equip it with upgraded doors and paint and…


…I think someone could make a a few bucks on this one. The curb apeal is nice and doesn’t need too much. That’s my take on it. I would love to hear yours.

Give me a call if I can help you see this one and be sure to check out it’s location and more information below.

Click Here for photos and a summary of this home

Click here for location via Google Maps

San Juans = Snowboarding Heaven

  This e-blast  from the Pagosa Springs Town Tourism Committee hit my Q a few days ago indicating that Wolf Creek has done it again…The Most Snow In The Nation! Many times the biggest hurdle between me and a day of riding is getting there due to avalanche control. In the words of the great Poo…bother.

Never the less it is always worth it. Just to give you a little taste of our area’s powder I have put up this little Youtube ditty featuring some of the local talent. I saw it posted on my Facebook trail last night. (Thank you Dave Liebson)  For reference this bowl is less than a mile from Wolf Creek Ski area on the Pagosa Springs side of the divide.


DISCLAIMER-PagosaReGuy or any said affiliate shall not be held liable for any mis-representation of facts or footage associated with this posting. Furthermore any damage incurred to PC Mac or any other viewing device from drooling, spitting or all around loosing it shall not be the responsibility of PagosaReGuy.

BootJack Ranch #7 on World’s Most Expensive Homes list.

I picked up this headline this morning through my RSS reader-World’s Most Expensive Homes 2008

BootJack Ranch, tucked into the base of WolfCreek Pass, made the list at #7.

Click here to read more


Wolf Creek opens it’s 2008 Season Saturday

Pagosa Daily Post reports-

Wolf Creek Ski Area, east of Pagosa Springs atop Wolf Creek Pass, will be opening this Saturday, Novemberwc_logo 8 for the 2008-2009 Wolf Creek is reporting an all natural base of 14 inches with 10 inches of new snow from the current storm and …Read More

Or go to the Wolf Creek web site.