How old do you have to be to live in Pagosa?

 San Jauns in the Spring

 “Great Retirement Spots” is the name of an article that I had forwarded to me by 4 of my friends this morning when I opened my Gmail.

 It is a surprisingly accurate and in my opinion, well written short article, about the many virtues of our Pagosa Springs lifestyle. It explains in the article that 36% of the folks that call Pagosa home are over the age of 45. I am not over the age of 45, and many times I hear the younger generations talk about this. From a personal standpoint, I want to submit, that while I know those numbers to be true, the lifestyle in and around Pagosa does not necessarily directly reflect that. What I mean is that if you are younger than this statistic reports, there are plenty of like-minded peers to connect with.

To see what I mean, check out the  Pagosa Springs FaceBook page  and become a fan to get updates on area happenings.

In this article, I resonate the most with the author’s line- “The ambiance is an interesting mix of laid back mountain funkiness, conservatism and a hint of exclusivity.”


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