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In honor of the last few days of snow…

West Fork Road (Co Rd 648) is a trail groomed by the Pagosa Nordic Club. Check their WEB site for updates on grooming.

This is a popular Pagosa area Nordic trail because of its ease of access off Hwy 160 (see Google map at right) and the fact that it is fairly flat and scenic.

If you ski to the end of the road, you will cover about 5.5 miles in and out. The road is visible on the Google map and is attached (below) as a TOPO! map. READ MORE


Four Mile Road

My Friend D.West Davies posted this pic on his Facebook accout this morning. I thought it was too beautiful not to share. This scene is found just a few miles north of town on the way to the Four Mile Falls trail head. Just another reason that I live where I live! Thanks West!

old barracks up Four Mile Road

old barracks up Four Mile Road

You can see more of West’s photography work at this link

San Juans = Snowboarding Heaven

  This e-blast  from the Pagosa Springs Town Tourism Committee hit my Q a few days ago indicating that Wolf Creek has done it again…The Most Snow In The Nation! Many times the biggest hurdle between me and a day of riding is getting there due to avalanche control. In the words of the great Poo…bother.

Never the less it is always worth it. Just to give you a little taste of our area’s powder I have put up this little Youtube ditty featuring some of the local talent. I saw it posted on my Facebook trail last night. (Thank you Dave Liebson)  For reference this bowl is less than a mile from Wolf Creek Ski area on the Pagosa Springs side of the divide.


DISCLAIMER-PagosaReGuy or any said affiliate shall not be held liable for any mis-representation of facts or footage associated with this posting. Furthermore any damage incurred to PC Mac or any other viewing device from drooling, spitting or all around loosing it shall not be the responsibility of PagosaReGuy.

Wolf Creek opens it’s 2008 Season Saturday

Pagosa Daily Post reports-

Wolf Creek Ski Area, east of Pagosa Springs atop Wolf Creek Pass, will be opening this Saturday, Novemberwc_logo 8 for the 2008-2009 Wolf Creek is reporting an all natural base of 14 inches with 10 inches of new snow from the current storm and …Read More

Or go to the Wolf Creek web site. 




2008 Mountain Chili Cha Cha…found on the economic trail map

  I met a stranger for the last time for lunch yesterday. Ed Furtawapproached me about helping him with

an on-line presense for issues dear to my heart which I do not have time to go into today. (But stay tuned).

I say I met a stranger for the last time, because after spending just a few minutes with Ed and his wife Gail, i felt that we could enjoy each other’s company for a long time to come.

One of the major points of discussion was the 3rd annaul Mountain Chili Cha Cha that will take place here in Pagosa Springs on September 27’th of this year. The Mountain Chili Cha Cha is just one of the

Many events that will be formulated to promote comerse in the middle of our paradise…Pagos Springs.

Mtn Chili Cha Cha

Mtn Chili Cha Cha

Here is an excerpt from GECKO, the brainchild of Morgan Murri, where you can find out more about the competitions.

Challenging & beautiful fall trail run. $1,000 prize purse.

15 mile: 2 loops (map), 7 mile (map), 3 mile (map), Trail Race. Up, down and around Reservoir Hill in Pagosa Springs, Co.

All runs begin and end in Town Park, down town Pagosa Springs, Co.

The 3 mile run will include approximately 50% trail and 50% road running. It also includes an abrupt climb early in the run for about ½ mile.

The 7 mile run is a challenging loop, with more than 700’ of climbing. The course consists of approximately 1.5 miles of paved road, the balance being trail; ranging from dirt road…read more

Wolf Creek Village Road constructioin

I got to sneak away to the Continental Divide trail a few days back. It was an amazing but short trip

The Divide

The Divide

with a handful of friends backpacking and flicking our rods at the high mountain Brook Trout in Spruce Lakes.

As we were making our way out, the last 3 miles gave us a small glimpse of a piece of land that has been a hotbed of discussion for several years. I saw, to my surprise, some heavy equipment operators working on what appeared to be a road in and around the area that has been proposed as the possible future site of “The Village at Wolf Creek”.

I could tell you about my findings but I will point you to an article in the Durango Herald that will bring you up to date on what is happening in our beloved San Juans.

Joe Hanel of The Durango Herald says it better than me.

Elk hunting and real estate investing- the 3 P’s

Fall-my favorite time of year. I don’t know why it strikes me so strongly. I think maybe it is from boyhood memories of growing up in the South. The autumn temperature drop was accompanied  with an acute degrading of moisture content in the air. This was a very welcomed change. Along with the Fall change came the preperation for hunting season, a ritual that I still participate in though I live in a different place and time.

   As I paid my dues in the forest this year, my mind wandered to the disciplines involved in this endeavor known as big game hunting. Remarkably they are very applicable to many things in life. One of which is real estate investing.

So as my “Tribute to the hunt” (and my nod to the myriad of southern license plates affixed to an army of camoflaged 4×4’s) here are  3 principles that both successful  hunters and real estate investors have in common:


 Preparing to spend several days in the mountains of Colorado can not be pulled off without a little forsight. What will the weather be like? What is the best altitude for the type of game we are after this time of year? How far will we be from a good water source? You wouldn’t go into the hunt without adequately addressing these and a hundred other issues. As one begins the process of looking for investment real estate purchases many thing have to be considered. What EXACTLY is the economic tempo of a given real estate market? I don’t mean what is the media spewing, I mean what are the most current sales records conveying? Has the time-line of sales been studied for a specific neighborhood with seasonal adjustments made? There are factors at hand that are best spoken to by professional real estate brokers who live, eat and breath a specific market. They are excellent sources of information when it comes to preparing for investment purchases.


Without a plan for Elk hunting in the mountains around Pagosa Springs, you will be just as effective sitting on the couch at LaTazza. (O.K. lame comparison. I happen to be writing this from there, it was the first thing that came into my mind.) To successfully get into harvest range of game you can’t just have a plan, you have to have plan A through F.- Virtually an  alphabet soup of back-up plans. In real estate investing having the proper plan to fit your desires is essential. What type of financing works best? Should you finance locally or elsewhere? What is you exit strategy should things change for you? As a real estate professional, these are the kind of questions that I field on a daily basis. It pays to have someone help you plan strategically for your real estate investments. Someone who can help you hatch a plan that is specific to you and your desires.


 Wait for daylight, wait for the wind to change, wait for the rain to stop, wait for the right animal, wait for the right shot. The opportunities for increasing patience in the world of hunting are endless. Without the proper patience failure is in-evadable. It is no different with real estate purchases. Speaking from experience, ( and not a pleasant one) lacking patience will hurt you. It hurts in your wallet, it hurts in your intellect, emotions and spirit. Being patient also means having “patient” money. This is advice that you won’t get from all mortgage or real estate professionals. What I mean is if you are not buying with cash, are you able to hold the note for a long enough period of time? Banking on the “maybe” is a tough gamble in this line of business. Make sure you can withstand the weather if the winds  change. I have spent too many hours this year consoling sellers who are “just trying to get out” because they were not allowed the luxury of patience due to a squeeze in the budget after their real estate purchases.

 I have a few men that I owe much to in the realm of hunting wisdom and knowledge. I could have never been as successful without their input and guidance. How did they get so good? Experience. Real estate investing is no different. We are experiencing a fantastic time to buy investment property in Pagosa Springs right now. Go for it. Just remember the basic disciplines. If you are new to the investing world, enlist the guidance of a real estate professional that you can trust. Then one day you can pass on the wisdom and learned disciplines to someone else.

What do you do with your Tuesday?

   To my wife over coffee this morning…”What’s on your agenda today”? “I’m not sure yet.” she said (a little about cleaning, a little about thank you notes, a little about pre-school curriculum) “I want to do something fun.” she says The phone rings as if on cue from a highschool drama director. Her friend Stephanie invites her and the kids to take a hike to Piedra Hot Springs. Twenty minutes later they are driving out of the driveway, loaded with backpacks and PB&J.

   Pagosa Springs, with It’s close proximity to the two wilderness areas the, Weminuche and the San Juan, offer unlimited recreation just minutes away. Combined, these two wilderness areas comprise of over 600,000 acres of land, hold 655 miles of hiking trails have 3 of Colorado’s “Fourteeners” and contain 122 miles of the Continental Divide Trail.  Not to mention the unlimited Flyfishing, Mountain Biking, Hunting, Rafting Kyaking, Peaking, Horseback Riding and backpacking right out our back door. I never cease to be amazed at the opportunities that we have when it comes to enjoying what God has created here in Southwestern Colorado.

   So my question to you. What do do you do with your Tuesday? If this is the type of lifestyle that you would rather have then what are you waiting for? Give me a call and we can talk about steps to take to in order to find your vacation or permenant residence here in Pagosa Springs.