San Juans = Snowboarding Heaven

  This e-blast  from the Pagosa Springs Town Tourism Committee hit my Q a few days ago indicating that Wolf Creek has done it again…The Most Snow In The Nation! Many times the biggest hurdle between me and a day of riding is getting there due to avalanche control. In the words of the great Poo…bother.

Never the less it is always worth it. Just to give you a little taste of our area’s powder I have put up this little Youtube ditty featuring some of the local talent. I saw it posted on my Facebook trail last night. (Thank you Dave Liebson)  For reference this bowl is less than a mile from Wolf Creek Ski area on the Pagosa Springs side of the divide.


DISCLAIMER-PagosaReGuy or any said affiliate shall not be held liable for any mis-representation of facts or footage associated with this posting. Furthermore any damage incurred to PC Mac or any other viewing device from drooling, spitting or all around loosing it shall not be the responsibility of PagosaReGuy.


2 thoughts on “San Juans = Snowboarding Heaven

  1. Nice video. I’m heading down there next week and will have to check out that bowl… I think I know where it is located. Powder looks sweet.

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