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What speed of internet service can I expect when I relocate to Pagosa Springs?

I was contacted by a customer, an old colleague actually, who is thinking of getting out of the Denver Metro area and making Pagosa Springs home.

Requirement numero uno

“I need at least 5mbps, and a dish connection will not suffice for my boss.”

Ok, I think to myself, no biggie. I will contact our DSL provider (Ceturylink) and just get a map of the different coverage.

Conversation with Centurytel technician

Once I got the technician to stop laughing from my request, I did get a little education on the world of DSL. Depending on the type of infrastructure that services any particular area, you can see anywhere from 1.5 mbps all the way up to 20 mbps to your home in Pagosa Springs area, given you are within their coverage.

Here is what you can expect

I got a  basic rundown that most of the Meadows area’s 1-4, much of Timber Ridge and Alpha subdivisions are serviced by fiber optics, so you can pretty much get at least 10 mbps.

Much of what is known as thew Pagosa Lakes area has pretty good speed coverage, but it is a bit unpredictable from one subdivision to the next.

If you are in the market to purchase a home in Pagosa Springs, and the speed of your internet connection is important to you, make sure you check it out by calling Centurytel with your particular address before consummating the deal.

Our Colorado contracts have a specific provision in them for checking out the internet speed as a part of the due diligence process.