I heart coffee…ode to River Pointe Cafe

Riverpointe Coffee shop in downtown Pagosa Springs

There are not many things in life that I relish as much as coffee. I can take all kinds… as long as it is good. By that I mean I am a coffee snob of sorts.

Coffee shops are an amazing mystery to me. Maybe its because they have a vibe all there own. I think mostly it is the ever present, oxymoronical element that almost always accompanies a coffee shop experience.

I go to relax, and get an over-dose of stimulant in a cup?  When I crammed for my fixed wing pilots license I paid my dues at a busy Starbucks in the middle of San Antonio…to get a way from the noise?  When I studied for my Real Estate license I emerged myself in several PeaBerrys so that I could concentrate?

I write this post after visiting one of our local legal liquid drug offerers known as River Pointe Coffee Cafe. Maybe I feel obliged to give them a little on-line boost since my 4 year old just gave their coffee table a new coat of “Vanilla Steamed Milk Varnish”. They jumped on it like johnny-on-the-spot and insisted that she have another cup.

I love River Pointe the most of all of our shops. Not necessarily for their coffee. I think they have a little work to do there. (reference the above mentioned coffee snobbery problem that I have) The location is hard to beat being just a few steps from the San Juan River and looking across to the Pagosa Hot Springs. I can sit and get the small amount of down-town vibe that is found there without being over run with crowds.

They have done a great job of cozyfying the place with plenty of lounging and table service too. The new owners are establishing an adjoing conference room of sorts that I think will be a great addition. I am planning on booking it for a few meetings later this year when it is complete.

From River Pointe Coffee it is a short walk to several restaurants, the Hot Springs, the River Walk and all of the activities that are found there.

Next time you are in the downtown area, give me a shout, maybe we can meet up for a little Java. I can tell you about how coffee introduced me to my wife!

 Until then, support your local java provider, you may want to get job there before this economy crunch is over…you know, write a blog post about them or something.

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2 thoughts on “I heart coffee…ode to River Pointe Cafe

  1. Amanda says:

    Sounds great, I will definitly stop in for a latte when I am in the area!

  2. I will take you up on that Amanda, and as I promised last night, I will be more diligent to post these types of articles to LOCALISM.

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