Pagosa Mtn Hospital..a look at month #9

Since it’s opening in January of this year, the Pagosa Mountain Hospital has experienced various changes. One of the biggest and best, I would have to say, is the hiring of Brad A. Cochennet  as CEO in place of Dan Boatman this past May.

  I just sat with colleagues at our monthly Pagosa Springs Area Association of Realtors luncheon and listened intently as Brad shared challenges, victories and most importantly- a strong vision for the future of  the Pagosa Springs medical campus.

The PR pitch was aimed appropriately at enlightening us on the benefits of the hospital, what services can currently be handled, and what to expect in the immediate and distant future. It seems at this point in the ballgame there is simply a void of understanding by the general public of what we have in our rural hospital.

Pagosa Mountain hospital currently has 11 beds and is operated as an acute care facility, open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Employing currently 56 employees with 5 local doctors and the addition of 3 regional doctors who rotate from Mercy Medical Center in Durango approximately one day a week. (I think that I have the facts straight on that one) They are able to perform a variety of services including MRIs, CAT scans and very soon will have the ability to begin surgical procedures.


Among other things, Cochenet cast a vision for a varied medical campus with the ability to have more health care diagnostics which can greatly aid in preventative care for a largely increasing “Baby Boomer” population.

Brad has my vote as a competent, well spoken, and capable leader to a fledgling but wonderfully functional new medical facility. Thanks Brad.


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