What? Home sales increasing?

During my recent conversations about the market I have found myself using the phrase There are some good buys in our market right now if you are in the buying mode.” I generally try to stay away from this type of talk and just let the market and facts speak for themselves…I just don’t really want to come across as being salsey. However, I feel like there are great buys right now for the savvy purchaser.

Sales jump 7.4%

Sales jump 7.4%

  Well apparently so does the national market… I ran across this article on MSNBC during my 3rd cup of coffee  and found it share-worthy.

WASHINGTON – Pending home sales rose 7.4 percent from July to August, an unexpected piece of positive news for the battered U.S. housing market.

The National Association of Realtors said Wednesday its seasonally adjusted index of pending sales for existing homes rose to 93.4 from an upwardly revised July reading of 87. The reading was the highest since June 2007.

Home sales are considered pending …Read on if you like


2 thoughts on “What? Home sales increasing?

  1. […] October 10, 2008   I just added another potential  buyer to agrowing list on my IGoogle homepage. I am running into the same scenario time and again, and I am hearing my colleagues say the same thing. This summer and fall I have had many customers head down the exploratory road with me, get excited about purchasing a property or two, and then opt to sit on the sidelines. I don’t really blame them for being a little timid or even confused at all of the mixed economic signals floating around out there. What goes up must come down, and we have been watching prices slide slightly for a while now. Even on a National level August gave us a breath of fresh air with a higher than expected pending contract report. […]

  2. […] myself in lately has been aimed at the seepage of information coming from Southern California about the jump in home sales from August to September. The real estate boom that we experienced in the first half of this decade was tied closely to the […]

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