Get on Caraven and expose yourself

 Now that the clocks are put in such a position to maximize sunshine there is a creeping sense of Spring in the air. I have started making the list to re-organize my garage and get the pencil sharp for a flower-bed-planting session. Just like this weather change brings about a restlessness for increased outdoor activity, it also spawns home sellers to present their homes to the public for purchase.  The season change always brings about an increase in home listing activity for REALTORS.

   I found myself in conversation this weekend with one of my clients that has a 35 acre piece for sale. We were having an on-line discussion about a new year strategy. As I was giving out the methods in which I use to gain my clients listings the most exposure, I thought about one that many times goes un-discussed but that is a very powerful way to have your home known by the real estate pros and have it make a lasting impression on them…The REALTOR Caravan Tour.

  Every Tuesday morning, barring an overdose of snow, a group of REALTORS who belong to the Pagosa Springs Area Association meet at the PSAAR office with info in hand and a singular desire of the minds- To inform and be informed.

The Caravan tour is designed to allow listed homes in a predetermined area to be pre-viewed for exposure, and critiqued for marketability by participating brokers and agents. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to brag on our clients homes and point out all of the attributes that are found within.  In return, we are able to get a professional panel of active real estate agents to give direct feedback of their opinions, and constructive criticism which may lead to creative solutions to help sell our clients homes.

For the individual agent, it is a remarkable way to help keep us up-to-speed on the inventory in a very memorable way.

If you are reading this and are trying to sell your place here are a few ideas that may give your home a little more staying power in the minds of the tourer’s.

  • Clean, Clean, Clean– First impressions are everything so make sure you put forth the extra time and effort to have everything sparkle prior to a REALTOR Caravan tour. It’s not a bad idea to speak to multiple senses so if a candle needs to be lit for an extra boost of fragrance, fire away.
  • Highlight 3 attributes– In a perfect world we could spend hours meandering around all of the wonderful homes on the market but that is simply not the case. Many times we only have a few minutes in each home so get with your real estate agent before the tour and decide on the 3 best attributes of your home. Have him or her point those out  so that they may stick in the minds of the agents touring the home.
  • Leave-If at all possible don’t be around when your home is being toured. You won’t get the same kind of feedback because agents may be afraid to step on toes. One of the main purposes is to get good unbiased opinions which can be hindered if the owner is present.
  • Cookies are good– This headline is only for slight humor. The longer that we linger at your place, the more your home is imprinted on our minds. Prepare some coffee, tea, cookies or pastries so that there is more reason to hang around.

In general have your place in good showing shape and take away all possible curb appeal negatives. Anything that can be done to positively bookmark your home in the minds of the Caravaners is a plus- be it with sight, sound, taste or smell. Ask your agent to make sure your home gets on the Caravan tour and then take some time to consider the feedback. This can be a productive way to get a good grasp on the market position of your home so that you can make necessary adjustments to obtain the end result…a successful sale!


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