Pagosa small town charm

I could not help myself from blogging this-

As I performed my routine scan of the PagosaDailyPostthis morning I ran across this small excerpt-

“As you have probably seen, our Liberty Theatre has been closed due to repair. 
A part that controls our projector has gone out and we are waiting for the new part to arrive, so that we can replace it.  At this point, we do not know when we will be up and running.  Therefore, we are not sure what movies we will be running Friday — or if we will even be open by Friday. So check the Post for the latest news.  Thanks for your patience!
When we know, you’ll know!

 Say what you want about living metro vs rural…I will take this pace of life any-day!

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3 thoughts on “Pagosa small town charm

  1. donaldean says:

    My brother is a resident of Pagosa Springs and has lived there for going on seven years.

    If I am to believe him, the town and its residents are in an acute state of crisis due to the lack of jobs and the resulting impact on the local economy.

    While searching the Internet for news items to corraborate this, in my effort to get help for those who need it, I’m surprised that there’s very little in the way of independent or objective news available when it comes to Pagosa Springs’ problems.

    What is your take on the local economy, government and the challenges faced by the town and its residents?

  2. Donald,
    I guess the beauty of life is perspective and perception. Pagosa IS going through growing pains which result in struggle. We are also not totally insulated from the rest of the nations economy. That could probably be said about 1000 small towns. The reality with Pagosa Springs that wiil be borne out is rebound happens. Volatility is reality in a place like this. We are a small town primarily dependant upon tourism for support. That is changing but change takes time. That change also always shakes up a government and leadership. This is sometimes painful but also very needed and usually proves positive in the end.

    There are plenty of businesses that have been hurting this winter, but I also know many many labor forces that have flourished and will continue to flourish through this spring and summer due to an over-abandance of snowfall.

    As far as independant news sources- I think the Pagosa Daily Post may be one of the best. It’s articles are a mix of the paid post writers and the general public. If you haven’t checked it out I would like to know what you think.

  3. Many towns are facing economic problems and the people stay because it is such a great place to live and raise a family. I think this town sounds charming with it’s little theater that can’t run.

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