Real Estate Year End Comparison-2007

As the end of another wonderful year in Pagosa Springs comes to an end, my thoughts begin turning toward a little reflection. I tend to do this in all parts of my life. Reflection of my faith and what I have been taught this year, a review of relationships good and bad and business practices with an eye toward improvement.

   For my on-line readership I thought I would give a snapshot of our Real Estate market, a year end comparison of sorts. I have compiled the SOLD  data from our local MLS system in order to see a general trend for the past 5 years.

 I have broken down the numbers into two major categories, Residential and Vacant Land. Residential is comprised of all stick-framed homes and sub-categorized by acerage  or partial acreage size. The Vacant Land can simply be understood as differing sizes. All data is county wide.






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One thought on “Real Estate Year End Comparison-2007

  1. […] you chose to liquidate now after having owned it since 2003. Take a look at my article last week, Real Estate Comparison for 2007, to see similar comparisons.  According to data compiled by the National Association of REALTORS® […]

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