Best land purchase in Pagosa?

As I pulled up to the broker open house my phone rang again. The 505 pre-fix told me it was my New Mexico prospect calling to play another round of 20 questions. He is looking for land to purchase in our area between 250 and 300 thousand dollars. This particular conversation pivoted on his question “Chris, if you were buying land for this amount right now, what would you buy if it was purely investment?” As I quickly collated all of the recent conversations, facts, figures and opinions that had been floating in my head I gave him my best shot ending with the familiar phrase, “I would really like to spend some time with you looking at all of the options, there  is an awful  lot of personal preference involved.” This statement may sound like a vague cop-out, but only 10 minutes later these words were supported…

    I walked inside and participated in the usual broker open house routine. A walk through accompanied by the listing agent, a few questions and comments about location and quality of finishes, some constructive feed back about pricing and appearance and then… to the kitchen for some munchies.

When the dust settled on our initial conversation I found myself in the midst of a handful of Pagosa Springs real estate agents that I have a good amount of trust and admiration for. Jerry Driesens, Jon Jonson, Lee Vorhies and Christine Vorhies.  So I popped the theoretical question. “If you were spending this amount on land, what is the BEST investment?”

Honestly I expected a pretty similar answer but the response was as varied as the crowd to whom it was asked.

“The meadows will stay very strong” one said. “There you have elbow room, with space for horses, but you can still ride a bike to City Market.”

“Timber Ridge has all of the amenities and the right location”. “Very nice homes to support appreciation. After all , we are heading in to the prime baby boomer years, and they have the money to afford it.”

And then another, “Timber ridge is to new to have proven itself. Navajo River Ranch without a doubt. Thirty five acre tracts with all the amenities, and not to far down 84.”

I was cracking up inside. Only because I find myself having similar conversations in my head when I am striving to weigh all of the options for a particular customer or client.

  The reality is the area in and around Pagosa Springs offers a wide variety of flavors when it comes to preference. And we all have a little different take on life, so as time marches, on there will always be buyers and sellers of each type of property. Location, amenities, privacy, views or whatever the case. Individual preference carries much of the value of any property. I think dealing with the individuality of any land or home is  a large part of the appeal to me about this business.

 There’s a hat for every head, and the challenge and joy is to put those two together as succesfully as possible.


2 thoughts on “Best land purchase in Pagosa?

  1. My standard answer always seems to be “it depends” because it does! It is so much a matter of personal preference, but that is good. If not, we wouldn’t have Rocky Road or Bubblegum ice cream. It would all be chocolate or vanilla.

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