Google Earth is catching on!

If you know me at all you know I am a Googlepheene. I use Google in my Real Estate Business and my personal life. Especially the mapping attributes that Google is doing so well.

For instance. I am planning a bow hunting trip into the San Juan’s at the end of September. The duration will be 6 days, and we will be camping several hours from anything. So a few days ago as I am trying to explain the strategic location of my proposed camp, (I would normally include a link here to the area, but if I told you….then I would have to kill you.) I said in an impatient tone “I’ll just Google (Earth) it and send you a link”. My friends in amazement could see every detail of terrain, trails, Forest Service roads, lake , stream and meadow of a place that they had never visited. They have become educated on the terrain from the comfort of there armchair!

 For business Google Earth is invaluable to get the idea of a tract of land across to a client or potential customer. This I have known for a while. What I did not know, is that more and more of the general public have caught on to the GE application and are savvy enough to use it the way it was created.I usually just send a jpg or snapshot via e-mail so that the recipient can see a static image. The result is quite amazing.

Here is a real life example of a small lot that I listed this weekend. 56 Short Drive, Pagosa Springs Colorado. It is found in Pagosa Highlands Estates. A small established subdivision near Hatcher Lake.

                     When taken in comparison, it is quite striking how effectively you can get the image across.

I sent these images to a potential buyer, and to my pleasant surprise he said…”Send me the Google link. I’ll pull it up and see how far it is from National Forest and amenities”.

This is very encouraging to me as a real estate practitioner. I am always on the look out for the best technology that will convey an accurate picture to someone half way around the globe. It seems that this type of technology is finally catching on with the masses, and with that familiarity comes more and more powerful tools for us to speak to our audiences with.


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