A little walk to the point.

I awoke to 2 pokes in the ribs this morning. “If your going hunting, you’d better get up” my lovely Rachel said. “My alarm didn’t go off. ” I replied. “Twice already, you keep hitting snooze.” she said. A little sleep deprivation is making me crazy I guess.

  I just wanted to check out a local area that I am not familiar with. I thought the wind would not be right for a morning hunt, but I wanted to scout the draw to see if there was game for a future evening venture. I was right on 2 accounts. The wind was not right…but there is elk in the area.

   Soaking wet from shoulders down (we had a lot of rain last night) and satisfied that this is a good area to invest some time in later…what to do now?

   The sun was just coming up and I looked behind me to view Pordonia Peak. I still had good energy, I needed to test my recently sprained ankle…why not? What is that old saying? ” Why did the man climb the mountain?” “Because it was there” of course. This was the kind of mood I was in.

  You know it is the simple things in life that make it rich.  As I hiked and climbed my thoughts turned to my family and then my Creator. I found it a great time to pray and talk to my Father. There was confession, there was laughter, there were tears shed and burdens lifted. I realized that with the struggles of business, and the woes of family there are always a few things that remain solid. My God and His Sovereignty, His truth and precepts, His Love and Mercy…and Justice.

   Wow what a morning of simple reflection and rejuvenation. I cherish these times above most, and wonder how anyone who does not know the truth, manage to function with any level of sanity.

   And to think, I almost overslept!



One thought on “A little walk to the point.

  1. Just make sure you;re a more ethical hunter than this guy!: http://youtube.com/watch?v=FRqTo5CV4L0

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