My mobile secret- The best way to keep track of dates on the go.

Do you have trouble keeping up with important dates and deadlines? I know that scheduling systems come a dime-a-dozen, but does your current system really work for you?

 I am speaking specifically to that professional who may not have 3 assistants, or your office does not hire a contract manager, sales manager, advertising manager, coffee break scheduler, mail handeling agent, and in house personal client caller….In other words, I’m talking to guys and gals like myself, a one man band.

 I tried the paper style day-timer– And then I realized I had to constantly flip through pages to keep up with myself. (that is if I didn’t leave it under the newspaper in the coffee shop)…Didn’t work so well.

I tried the Palm Pilot- This just added one more hand-held device to my arsenal of “Things that will be ruined when I drop them in the snow”…Too many electronic thing-a-ma-gadgets to juggle.

I tried the old-school write it on the super huge calendar on your desk that the title company gave you- I found out that amazingly the minute I was driving down the road, and actually needed the information, I did not remember it …Shocker

I tried the computer desktop calendar gadgets- Reference problem above.

So what is one to do? My solution is Motorola “Q” meets Verizon’s “Wireless Sync”  

So easy! Open up the on-line application (that pretty much looks like another version of Outlook), Enter in your dates and times in the calendar, and presto in a few minutes you have it on your hand-held. So now all I carry is my “Q” with my phone, calendar, to-do list, e-mail, web browsing, text messaging you name it. All of this can be edited from either my hand-held or a remote computer, and it all automatically syncs itself.I know all the techie’s out there (and I am one) are saying “Well duh man, welcome to the new millennium”.

By no means am I pretending to introduce  a new concept, but it amazes me how many on the go agents are just letting this kind of technology lie, even when they have the capabilities right there in front of them! When I actually applied this tho the Real Estate Contract part of my life it revolutionized my ssystem.

Whenever I get a new contract I input all of the dates into my calendar. I just inter a one line entry thats standardized. For instance  “Title objection deadline for 123 Park Avenue” would look like “123 Park Ave TOD”.

Everyday when I look down on my “Q” it is a quick glance of today’s happenings. Gone are the days of scrambling through files to keep up with all of my deadlines, or waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat wondering if I let ‘The survey deadline pass!” This is a simple but strong system that I have found to be super effective for the line of work that we do.

What about you? What do you use?


One thought on “My mobile secret- The best way to keep track of dates on the go.

  1. Chris, I have stuck to the Treo because we need it access lockboxes, but I am seriously considering a blackberry the next time. Treo is a bit fragile and people seem to love their blackberries! Thanks for the information.

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