Almost a statistic?

From time to time in our business of providing real estate services, we come across a situation that truly changes our perspective on life. That happened to me yesterday

  I have been working with a couple for over a year via e-mail and phone. Yesterday I was able to meet them face to face and help them find a second home in our resort town. We had established early on that they are ALSO Christians, and so we have had a good time building our relationship over mutual likeness.

  I did not know until yesterday that they had a son. As our day started and we began to drive around to look at condos, I was observing the interaction of the family. I thought to myself “there is something different about their relationship”. It seemed that they were treating the 6 year old boy just a little different…in a good way.

 Later in my office the story unfolded.

Shane , the father told about how his wife Emily had been mentoring a young lady, when the young ladies friend became pregnant out of wedlock. Shane and Emily pleaded with the pregnant mother NOT to Abort the child, as was her plan. They thought they had lost the battle for his life. 24 hours before the “procedure” was to take place the young lady called Shane and Emily…. “I thought you might want to hear your son’s heartbeat” she said…..”I want you to adopt my baby. I’m not going to kill him.”

With tears in his eyes (and mine too) Shane pointed to the floor of my office where his precious JT was playing with our office dog “He should have been a statistic, but GOD has a special plan for his life!”

This was a rich day for me to get to meet and spend time with JT and his family. I am always in wonderment of God’s Sovereignty, and how I get to see it unfold…while showing condos on a Wednesday morning!


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