Make Your Research A Marketing Tool With Google Maps

Google…They never cease to amaze me! As a Realtor coming from a semi-tech background I am always on theprowl for better ways to use technology. I know by very virtue of you reading this blog that you are too. I subscribe to Pat Kitano’s “TRANSPARENT REAL ESTATE so when his RSS feed relating to Google Maps came across my screen this week I read with great anticipation. Eureka! I had actually started playing around with this a few weeks ago, but like most of my life, I over-complicated my mission and soon it fell by the wayside.

  Pat gave me new inspiration for a more simplified approach, and a new focus of purpose for such tools. As Real Estate professionals we should be the first to recognize changing trends in the market. I for one stay on top of these changing tides land am always sending stats to clients and customers (and fellow Realtors for that matter). Google with their introduction of “My Mapping” has opened a new portal for us to display such data and trends in an attractive way. Link to your site, blogs of whatever and now you have an all accessible avenue to prove that your are your areas expert when it comes to understanding your local market!

Click HEREto see my first attempt at this. Currently it is not a complete picture of our area but I was so excited to share I could not await completion to blog it!

Has anyone else experimented with this?


2 thoughts on “Make Your Research A Marketing Tool With Google Maps

  1. Hi Chris, you have some good blog posts here. I also post about hikes I have taken on my blog, and mix up the real estate news with lifestyle information. I find that people really like it and it helps them find our website. I will subscribe to your blog in my google reader.

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