What do you do with your Tuesday?

   To my wife over coffee this morning…”What’s on your agenda today”? “I’m not sure yet.” she said (a little about cleaning, a little about thank you notes, a little about pre-school curriculum) “I want to do something fun.” she says The phone rings as if on cue from a highschool drama director. Her friend Stephanie invites her and the kids to take a hike to Piedra Hot Springs. Twenty minutes later they are driving out of the driveway, loaded with backpacks and PB&J.

   Pagosa Springs, with It’s close proximity to the two wilderness areas the, Weminuche and the San Juan, offer unlimited recreation just minutes away. Combined, these two wilderness areas comprise of over 600,000 acres of land, hold 655 miles of hiking trails have 3 of Colorado’s “Fourteeners” and contain 122 miles of the Continental Divide Trail.  Not to mention the unlimited Flyfishing, Mountain Biking, Hunting, Rafting Kyaking, Peaking, Horseback Riding and backpacking right out our back door. I never cease to be amazed at the opportunities that we have when it comes to enjoying what God has created here in Southwestern Colorado.

   So my question to you. What do do you do with your Tuesday? If this is the type of lifestyle that you would rather have then what are you waiting for? Give me a call and we can talk about steps to take to in order to find your vacation or permenant residence here in Pagosa Springs.


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