I heart my job


I recently had a long and in-deapth conversation with my daughter on “what did you do today daddy?” She’s 3, with amazing insight into me, I must admit.  I gave her the tright answers of ..”Talked to a lot of people and tried to help them sell their house.” This would not suffice. What ensued was a detailed account of every move of my day..which brought a huge smile to my beloved firstborn.

   All of this introspection led me to think back to a time when I did NOT love what I do for a living. I have summed up in my heart and mind what makes me tick when it comes to a chosen occupation. The things that really inspire me on a day to day basis and makes me look forward to every single day that I get an opportunity to hone my Realtor skills.

1-FREEDOM, to make my own schedule, set my own timeframes,  find my own motivaton.

2- NO CEILINGS on income, opportunity, education or relationships. (By the way, concerning income, there is also NO FLOOR!)

3-RELATIONSHIPS that can be built as deep or as wide as you allow them to be. I firmly believe that relationship IS THE ROOT OF ALL THAT MAKES OUR LIVES. (Careful this one will preach!)

4-OPPORTUNITY to always perfect and pursue my own niche in the professional world. Not bound to any real pre-determined mold. I get to wake up every day and make an original Chris Liverett imppression on those around me!

So my question to you is do you heart what you do? I mean does it really  get you going? If not then why don’t you dom something about it? I know that sounds a little far fetched to many but to do anything excellent in this world you must have a plan. It took me almost 3 years to make the geographical and career move…I worked a written plan from day 1 to get there.

No matter your bent in life find out what really makes you go, gather all of the research that you possibly can to be succesful, write a plan and STICK TO IT! this is my philosophy in Real Estate and LIFE!


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